Hey there! I'm Miriam.

Hey there! I'm Miriam.Hey there! I'm Miriam.Hey there! I'm Miriam.

I'm a writer living on a small ranch in Canada with my husband, dogs and cats. 

I write about creating your best life by being unapologetically yourself. 



About Miriam

Published Work

Published Work

Miriam Verheyden has been a lumberjack, church organist, veggie washer and bookseller. She lived for six months in a hotel in Wales, sat once around a campfire with a convicted (but innocent) murderer, and is currently learning how to drive a tractor.

She grew up in Germany and moved to Canada at age 23 under scandalous circumstances to be with her much-older, father-of-4, not-quite-divorced-yet lover. It's a great story though with a happy ending, so she wrote her first book Let's Pretend This is Normal about it.

Her second book Quit the Hustle is based on her experience of recovering from burnout through overcoming the need to improve everything about herself and embrace life with all its imperfections. 

Miriam works as an x-ray technologist by day and writes by night.  She believes that being true to yourself is your superpower, and she writes stories about how owning your truth will set you free. 

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Next Project

Published Work

Next Project

Miriam is currently working on her third book/first work of fiction: a murder-mystery/female empowerment/love story set in a small town. The main characters are three women - some of whom you will love, some of whom you will grow to hate with a passion ... 

Because some women are evil.