Reader Testimonials

 "I read it cover to cover in a day. Seriously - it was so good!!!"

 “I carried this book around with me everywhere until I finished it. I loved it in a cringy way, she was so open and honest about her story and experiences. And I mean the cringing part in a good way, in it felt like at times she was writing about me. I recommended to several of my friends.” 

"I loved this book to the moon and back. I read it in a day and I never do that. It was fun and refreshing."

 "Oh my goodness!!!! I finally wedged out some time to start your book Let's Pretend This is Normal  after dinner tonight!! Best book ever I just finished it..... Fabulous sooo fabulous!!!!!! Definitely hilarious, relatable, wondrous and just all around fantastic!! The last book I couldn’t put down was the DaVinci Code....."  

"Every woman would gain strength from your words."

"What continually goes through my mind is that we all have stories to tell about not having life all figured out - but we don't share them - so we assume others have it figured out and we're the only ones struggling or questioning."

"I couldn't put it down!"

"Loved your book and hope it continues to sell well as the message it contains and conveys is one people need to hear."

 "I wholeheartedly recommend this book written by a true adventurer who is leading exactly THE kind of life all of us in Germany always wonder about as an alternative to our 9-5s. Read it. It’s good food for soul and thought."


 “This is a beautiful love story with an extra helping of self-discovery. It reads just as honestly as the blog without feeling like a collection of previously published posts. Miriam is a friend I've yet to meet IRL-loved it!” 

 “This book is a book every woman should read! Thank you for exposing truths we all wish we could and allowing us all to feel safe in ourselves!"  

"I finished your book, Let's Pretend This is Normal, last night and I absolutely loved it! I read it slowly because I was savoring every word and would often re-read paragraphs to really think about what you said and let it soak in. It was so honest, funny and a true delight to read. I could relate to many of the feelings you expressed - especially the part about letting go of friendships because you feel worse after spending time with that person. It's such a painful process but so necessary." 

"I loved every page! I hope I can transform my mindset to be more like this."

"As a recovering 'hustler' my soul needed to hear every message in this book and I'm beyond grateful these words were written."